17 photos: How Japanese wash Uniqlo Cashmere Wool sweater, knit at home

As Japanese, I’m a big fan of Uniqlo Cashmere sweater. It’s so soft and color is vivid, yet reasonable price under 100US$.

Usually cashmere sweater requires dry cleaning and Uniqlo’s 100% Cashmere sweater declared “Dry Cleaning only” as well. However, I wanted to save money for this cheap cashmere sweater. Then 2 years I did wash my cashmere sweater at home. Here is all steps and result.


Before wash: Uniqlo Cashmere 100% sweater

Condition: 2 years use.


Tag says, dry cleaning only… But go for it!


I have worn this uniqlo cashmere sweater for 2 years. There are some small damage before washing.


Detergent:Use ph neutral laundry detergent

Never use regular laundry detergent. Those products’ ph is alkalinity and that damages and makes cashmere shrink.

Here is famous neutral detergent in Japan. You can use organic, neutral detergent in your country.


Use appropriate amount. (In this case, 10ml detergent with 4 litter of cold water)


Wash:Just push gently, no rubbing

Put uniqlo cashmere sweater into water+detergent. Cashmere quickly absorbs detergent.


This is very important point. Never rubbing cashmere wool!!

Since cashmere is delicate texture, it’s very easy to shrink and damaged. It’s enough to push gently to discharge sweat and dirt. Wash time needs just 30 seconds to 1 minute.


Rinse off twice

Rinse off cashmere with cold water twice. Again, you don’t need rubbing. Just push gently.


Care:Hair treatment works good!

After rinsing, let’s get back smoothness of cashmere with hair treatment.

Just use your regular hair treatment product.

Why we use hair treatment? Same logic. Hair treatment product contains protein and supplies it to your hair for smooth hair texture. Cashmere is goat’s hair. It also needs protein. Just use 1 cm to 2 cm hair treatment.


Put Uniqlo cashmere sweater into hair treatment with water. You’ll soon feel smoothness on cashmere.


Spin-drying for 30 seconds

Use spin-drying for 30 seconds.

Drying: Do not use hanger!

To avoid weird shape, do not use plain hanger. Use net like the photo.


Here is the reult

This is AFTER washing.ユニクロのカシミヤ洗濯10

Overall, that looks no problem & totally same as before.

No fuzz. And feels smooth!


I found a little wrinkle on collar. But almost no problem.

And there was another wrinkle on sleeves. So I took additional finishing.


Use steam iron for wrinkle care

Steam iron works very effective to unwrinkle cashmere.


After steaming, gently make uniqlo cashmere spread. Just keep doing on all wrinkles.


Finishing: Use brush

Brushing is always good to keep great look of cashmere!